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20 Jan - Munich Kammerspiele for Sensible Daten

13 May - Justin Wong re-arranged Morning Sun for Dicks and Janes A Cappella at University of Michigan and I want to cry at how beautiful it is! 

Going on tour with Radiohead <3

Photo: Bennet Perez 

10 May - Video from our time at IRCAM forum

8 May - Speaking about sound & surveillance with Lawrence Abu Hamdan for Frieze Talks NYC

22 April - Interviewed John Chowning for CTM at HKW Berlin - https://soundcloud.com/hkw/technospharenklange-2-talk-by-john-chowning-and-holly-herndon

20 April - Donated some perks to IMMI’s fundraiser to establish a “Switzerland of Bits” - support them here!

15 April - Spoke with DJ Steve Davis for BBC 

5 April - Cover Interview with Crack Magazine

Photo: Damien Maloney

1 April - Interview with Under the Influence Magazine

10 March - We are exhibiting some work at Black Chamber, curated by Eva & Franco Mattes at Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana. Check out some images from the exhibition, and the catalog reprint of our interview with Chelsea Manning below (thx Paper).

1 Mar - Matt Lief Anderson sent over this cute live picture!

26 Feb - Mat and I spoke with Alex Williams for Glass Bead Journal

20 Feb - Watch my keynote talk (with Britney mic) and discussion with Jace Clayton at Ableton’s Loop Conference here


20 Nov - Spending this week at IRCAM!

20 Oct - Mat & I speak to Mask Magazine

3 Oct - Speaking at Lighthouse, Brighton with these good people <3

1 Sept - Mat, Metahaven, Jake Applebaum & I interviewed Chelsea Manning for Paper Magazine.

20 Aug - Shots from Mat & I’s exhibition at Kunstverein Hamburg

15 Aug - We are an (unintentional) meme now after this pic was taken at our show in Oslo :)

21 May - Fader digs into ten of the people who inspired Platform

21 May - Platform named Best new music on Pitchfork! <3

12 May - We curated this incredible line up at Berghain with CTM in June.

10 May - Spoke with Aimee Cliff at Dazed with amazing illustrations by Claudia Mate

25 Apr - Guardian Interview 

1 Mar - The California Sunday interviewed me at CCRMA

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